Life Plankton Elixir Review

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Biotherm’s event in Vancouver, to celebrate the launch of their newest product: The Life Plankton Elixir

I had such a fun time at the Waterview Event Space, where I got to learn all about Biotherm’s amazing new product, and the unique ingredients and benefits. I even got to take home my very own Life Plankton Elixir with my name engraved on the bottle! I was so excited to try out this new elixir for myself, and after incorporating it into my daily skincare routine for the past week, I thought I would fill you all in!

The Deets

SO… this serum is said to completely transform the skin in just 8 days! It targets your unique skin concerns, no matter your age or skin type, by promoting the cell renewal process. The elixir is infused with the rare ingredient of Life Plankton (which contains 35 nutrients, proteins, vitamins, amino acids, glucids, lipids, and trace elements) which is a key factor in the serum’s ability to defend, soothe, and regenerate the skin. I’ll avoid boring you with TOO much of a science lesson, but what you really need to know is that this elixir is a game-changer for transforming your individual skin concerns… in just 8 days!

How- To

The Life Plankton elixir is best used both day and night, as the first step in your skin care routine. All you need is about 3-4 drops, and after warming the elixir up in your hands, you can massage it right on to your beautiful face! I personally found that this serum is not quite hydrating enough on its own for daytime. However, I don’t like anything too heavy on my face at night, and I found it to be perfectly light and soothing for my nighttime skincare routine.


Well I’ve now been using the Life Plankton Elixir for 8 days, and I can honestly say that it HAS made a difference on my skin! I was skeptical at first about how fast I may notice a difference, but this elixir really does the trick! I typically do not have any major skin concerns, however over the past few weeks my skin has felt dry in some places, and oily in others as I’ve been adjusting to Vancouver’s spring weather. That being said, this serum has definitely helped to soothe my skin, and I’ve even noticed improvements in brightening and firming! My only critique would be that it can feel a little sticky or dry when used by itself, or if you need a lot of hydration, then it may not be enough without a moisturizer on top. All in all though, I will DEFINITELY continue to incorporate the Life Plankton Elixir into my daily skin care routine, to keep my skin feeling soft and smooth, and looking fresh as a freaking daisy!


Heather Ungraceful

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